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 Gera-lind Kolarik

Gera-lind Kolarik completed her first book, Freed to Kill, in 1990 after years of challenging research of court documents and police reports. Freed to Kill is about a serial killer who murdered 24 gay men before being arrested for his crimes. An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, (1/4/1996), describes how this award-winning television news journalist left her profession because she wanted to write more than sound-bytes. Instead Ms. Kolarik desired to get behind the story and deal with the reality of the crimes and their tragic impact on the victims and their families and friends.

Ms. Kolarik's second book, Intent to Kill (1996), is the true story of the attempted murder of the Highland Park wife of a defense attorney who hired a hit man to kill her. Her other books include, I Am Cain (1994) and Prisoners of Fear (1995).

Since 1988, Ms. Kolarik's company, Evidence Videos, has produced about 200 videos per year documenting crucial evidence in a plaintiff's life. Her specialty is brain injury and closed head injury.

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