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Join us for a cavalcade of more than 45 events. Meet over a dozen detective fiction authors, and numerous experts and aficionados of this genre. Attend provocative panels. View films, exhibits and theater productions.

Locations include: Northeastern Illinois University, DuSable Museum, Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Newberry Library and Other community venues.

One out of every four books sold is a detective fiction novel, and the popularity of this genre seems only to be increasing. In the last two decades there has been a tremendous outpouring of detective fiction series written by women and persons of color resulting in the creation of fictional protagonists within new social and cultural contexts. These shifting gender, sexual, ethnic, racial and political identities and social constructs provide the opportunity to address social issues in an accessible manner and provoke questions for public dialogue:
In what specific ways are these new subgenres in detective fiction both social and political documents?
How is detective fiction shaped by alternative gender, multicultural, multiracial, and/or multiethnic worldviews?
How does this literature contribute to the production of scholarship in gender and multicultural studies?