May 24 Review: Syllabus 
  Discuss: Format of the Course & Term Paper 
Discuss what to look for in analyzing film and print media
How to use Viewing Notes Form 
   Show:   What About Bob?
     Assignment for next class:
   Read Text:   DSM IV Study Guide pages 4 through 9.
   Read Reserve:


  1. Fleming, M. & Manvell, R. (1987). Through A Lens Darkly. 
  2. Hyler, S. E. , Gabbard, G. O, & Schneider, I. (1991). Homicidal maniacs and narcissistic   parasites: Stigmatization of mentally ill persons in the movies. 
   View:   The Dream Team / A Fine Madness / The Couch Trip 

May 26 Discuss:  Discuss: Stereotypes of Mentally Ill 
Show :  Factual Video: Full of Sound & Fury 
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
  Assignment for next class:
Read Handout: 
Start Reading: 
Films and Psychopathology
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden 
Read Reserve: 


  1. Hyler, S. E. (1988). DSM-III at the cinema: Madness in the movies. 
  2. Monahan, J. (1992). Mental disorder and violent behavior: Perceptions and evidence. 
View:  Institutions: Chattahoochie / Shock Corridor Pit /Angel at My Table 

May 31    HOLIDAY
June 2  Discuss:  Stereotypes of Mental Health Institutions
Show:  Snake Pit 
Show:   Factual video: Titicut Follies; Charter Hospital
  Assignment for next class
Read Reserve:


  1. Schneider, I. (1987). The theory and practice of movie psychiatry. 
  2. Lott, D. A. (1999). Drawing boundaries. 
  3. Eber, M. & O'Brien, J. (1982). Psychotherapy In The Movies. 
  4. Fleming, X. & Manvell, X. (1985). Chapter 9: Madness & the Psychiatrist. 
View:  Ordinary People / Good Will Hunting / Lovesick / Carefree 

June 7  Discuss:  Stereotypes of Therapists 
Show :  Secrets of A Soul 
Mine Own Executioner 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Reserve:


  1. Samuels, L. (1985). Female psychotherapists as portrayed in film, fiction and nonfiction. 
  2. Davidson, V. (1977). Psychiatry's problem with no name: Therapist-patient sex.
  3. Gabbard, G. & Gabbard, K. (1985). Countertransference in the Movies. 
View:  Prince of Tides / Agnes of God / Beyond Therapy / House of Games 

June 9  Discuss:  Stereotypes of Female Therapists
Show:  Spellbound 
Discuss:  Projects 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Reserve:


  1. Gabbard, G., & Gabbard, K. (1980). From Psycho to Dressed to Kill: The Decline & Fall of the Psychiatrist in the Movies.
  2. Schneider, I. (1977). Images of the Mind: Psychiatry in the Commercial Film. 
View:  Dressed to Kill / Raising Cain / Nightmare Alley / Psycho 

June14  Discuss:  Changes in Therapist Images 
Show:  Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 
Discuss:  Projects 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Text:  Mood Disorders (Chapter 7) 
Read Reserve: 
  1. Collier, T. J. (1993). The Stigma of Mental Illness 
View: The Shrike / Capt. Newman, M.D. / Blue Sky / Death in Small Doses 
June 16  Discuss:  Mood Disorders 
Show: Factual Video - Depression; Interviews - Bipolar 
 Mr. Jones 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Text:  Chapter 6 (Schizophrenia) 
Finish Reading:  I Never Promised You A Rose Garden 
Read Reserve: 


  1. Fromm-Reichman, F. (1982). Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Discusses the "Rose Garden Case" 
  2. Freedman, B. (1974). The Subjective Experience of Perceptual & Cognitive Disturbances in Schizophrenia. 
View (optional) Benny and Joon/Pi/The Promise/Clean, Shaven

June 21  Discuss:  Schizophrenia 
Show:  Factual Video - Interviews 
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Text:  DSM IV - Dissociative Disorders (Chapter 11) 
Read Reserve: 
  1. Trachtenberg, R. (1988?). Destigmatizing Mental Illness. 
View:  Sybil / Primal Fear / Zelig / Norma Jean & Marilyn 

June 23  Discuss:  Dissociative Identity Disorder 
Show:  Factual Video - Interviews 
Three Faces of Eve 
Assignment for Next Class 
Read Text:  Personality Disorders (Chapter 17) 
Read Reserve: 
  1. Media Madness Chapter 5: So What? 
  2. Media Madness Chapter 6: So Why?
View: Looking for Mr. Goodbar / Fatal Attraction / Single White Female /Compulsion / Streetcar Named Desire / After Hours 

June 28  Discuss:  Personality Disorders - especially Borderline 
Show:  Factual Video - Interviews 
Assignment for Next Class: 
Read Reserve: 
  1. Fleming, X. & Manvell, X. (1985). Sanity as Madness: Madness as Sanity. 

Show:  King of Hearts