Richardson’s Guide to the Fossil Fauna of Mazon Creek…
Shabica, Charles and Andrew A. Hay, Eds. Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. 1997. xvii, 308 pages, illustrated. $85.00. ISBN 0-925065-21-8

Excerpts from:
Science, Volume 279, March 20, 1998 reviewed by Carlton E. Brett
Rocks and Minerals, Volume 73, September/October 1998 reviewed by Merrill W. Foster
Historical Biology, November 1998 reviewed by Derek E. G. Briggs.

Science: "Overall, the fossil fauna of Mazon Creek is an exceptional one, and --Richardson's Guide-- is a... well-produced, finely edited book [which] should be on the shelf of almost every paleontologist and zoologist, as well as on that of anyone else interested in the history of life."

Rocks and Minerals: "Every person with an interest in Mazon Creek fauna, or exceptional faunas in general, will want to have this excellent work despite its steep price."

Historical Biology: "--Richardson's Guide-- is a welcome addition to an increasing list of volumes on individual Konservat-Lagerstatten... Such books serve an essential role in gathering together information from disparate scientific journals within a single pair of covers, thus making it more readily accessible to professionals and amateurs, to university and museum scientists and to paleontologists and evolutionary biologists."