How to put error bars on a graph in SPSS



1.  Create the error bars by choosing:  Graphs - Error Bar


2.  Select "Simple" and either "summaries for groups of cases" (between-subjects) or "summaries of separate variables" (within-subjects)


3.  Select variables or groups the same way you would for a regular graph.


4.  In the Bars represent box choose either confidence interval or standard error.


5.  Click OK - this will draw the error bars by themselves. 


6.  Double click on the graph to go into the Edit mode.


7.  Select:  Gallery - Mixed - Replace


8.  Click on "replace" and click on "yes" in response to the warning.


9.  In the Display box you will see highlighted M - 95% confidence interval (or something like that). In the Series displayed as box below and to the left, click on the Line button.


10.  Click on M - 95% confidence interval and click on the Line  button again.


11. Click to highlight Mean --- (whatever the variable is) and click on the bar button.


12. Click on OK.


13. Choose:  Format - interpolation.


14. The thick black border should be around "none".  Click on "Apply all" and then "Close"


15. Choose:   Chart - options


16.  In the Line Options box select Connect markers within categories.


17.  Click OK.


18.  Get out of Edit mode by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner.