Instructions for getting started with CogLab

These instructions describe how students in the class PSYC 375 for instructor = Rueckert at Northeastern Illinois University create their individual  accounts. Students in other classes will follow similar directions, but the log-in  IDs and passwords will be different.
  1. Open your Web browser and go to

  2. Go to the bottom of the Web page. There should be three text  fields and one button. If these are not visible, your Web browser does not have  Java enabled or has an out of date version of Java. Go to the CogLab Browser Check page for details.

  3. In the top text field, enter the group ID: neiucog. In  the second text field, enter the access password: psyc375. In the third  text field, enter your registration code. The registration code could be in  one of several formats. It may be on a sticker on the inside front cover of  your CogLab Student Manual. It may have been bundled with your textbook on  a  postcard. Or, you may have purchased a registration code  electronically (sometimes this is also called an e-Pin). Do not purchase used  CogLab registration codes! If the registration code has already been  used, it will not work for you. Each valid registration code can be used only  once. After filling in all the text fields, click on the Submit  information button.

  4. Your Web browser will connect with the CogLab server to verify  your information. If the information is correct, a new window will appear.  Make sure that the school name, instructor name, and class name are  correct. If they are not, you may have accidentally accessed a different group  than your instructor intended. The field marked as 'Your log-in ID:' lists your  assigned log-in ID, which you will use to access your CogLab account and  complete experiments. You cannot change this log-in ID.

  5. Enter your first name, last (family) name, a password, and a  security question and answer. For the security question and answer, try to pick  a topic that will be easy for you to know the answer but would be difficult  for anyone else (e.g., the name of your first pet).

  6. Click on the Apply button. Your Web browser will again  connect with the CogLab server to save your data and register your account. If all  of your information is valid, your account is ready to go! When your  information is saved, your registration code will be marked as being used.

  7. When your data is saved, your Web browser will load a new window  that lists all the properties of your CogLab account. Especially important  is the log-in ID and password. Print or save this Web page for your records. (Note: some pop-up blockers will prevent this window from  appearing. If you data does not appear, click the link below the text fields to  view this page. Go to the CogLab Browser Check page for details.)

  8. To start doing experiments, point your Web browser to Select the  experiment that you want to perform by clicking on the link. Read the information and instructions carefully. At the bottom of the page are two text fields  and two buttons. Enter your log-in ID and password and then click on the  Submit information button. After your log-in information is verified, the  Start experiment button can be selected. Click on the Start experiment button to open a new window where the experiment will  take place. You need to read the instructions before you can complete the experiment!

  9. At the end of the experiment, the browser window will load a  summary of your data for the experiment. When you see this window, you are  finished with the experiment.

  10. You can access details about your account, and view averages from  your group and around the world by directing your Web browser to s.shtml.

If you have any problems, contact technical support  at