The Art of Netiva Caftori and her Father David


Netiva Caftori art is mostly abstract, mixed media (markers, pastels, chalk), oil or acrylic, on paper or canvas, and is distinguished by the very rich palate of colors I use.

In 1994 she started sculpting in stone, at the studio of Omri Amrani, using pneumatic tools in addition to painting.

Her First sculpture in alabaster is charcher la femme. She has some paint of sexuality and other important stories.She also know the weave arts.

Netiva Learned art from her father, David Caftori, who was great artist. Her Father passed away December 17th, 2001, but He left netiva the great knowlege of arts and the spirit that guide Netiva.


Most Artist are famous by their colors that they use. For Netiva Caftori, she used a rich palate of colors and a free hand to translate the emotions within and transform them into sometimes mystical sometimes humoristic forms on paper or canvas. Neitiva said that, "Her media is pastel, oil, acrylic, earth colors from West Africa, and other materials found on my paths."