Northeastern Illinois University
Science Building Modernization Project

Plans for the whole building

The Program: an Excel file listing all the planned rooms and their specifications (xls)

Proposed Floor Plans (pdf)

For comparison, see the Existing Building Floor Plans (pdf)

Plans for individual rooms

Click the links below to download Powerpoint files with general designs of individual rooms.

(also see "Special General Classrooms"


(also see "Special General Classrooms")

Earth Science

Geography and Environmental Studies
(also see "Special General Classrooms")

(also see "Special General Classrooms")

General Classrooms (Updated 01/09/06)
ppt      pdf
(classrooms for general use by any department in the university--includes the lecture halls) 

Special General Classrooms
ppt      pdf
(rooms for general use by any department in the university, but with special features to accommodate certain lab activities)

Option: Download all the diagrams in 
a single Powerpoint file or in a  printer-friendlier pdf file (also get the pdf under "General Classrooms", above, as it contains a newer version of nine of the rooms).

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