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Meteorites! Explore the different ways scientists and 
mathematicians think about meteorites. 
What are they?  What can we learn from them? 

From here you can link to interdisciplinary learning modules created by geologists, chemists, physicists, and mathematicians.  The modules will help students and teachers learn more about meteorites by using different tools and methods of all these disciplines.

Animation by NASA.

Where meteorites come from
  ~ What are meteorites?
  ~ What are Martian and Lunar meteorites?
  ~ How can we tell the age of a meteorite?

 How meteorites move through space
  ~ How fast do they travel?
  ~ How could they get from the moon to Earth, or from Mars to Earth?
  ~ What happens when an asteroid enters Earth's atmosphere?

 What happens when meteorites hit the earth
  ~ Meteorite impact craters

Instructors:  Are you looking for materials and activities to support your courses in Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, more Physics, or Mathematics
Check Links for Educators (and other people with insatiable curiosity).

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