Errata for A Manual of Field Hydrogeology,

Laura L. Sanders, Prentice Hall, 1998

Although a great deal of effort is made to ensure that the information in any textbook is accurate, mistakes do occur.  Following is a list of errors that appeared in the first printing of A Manual of Field Hydrogeology.  Please e-mail the author to report other errors.

p. 60: In the caption, the reference to "Ward and Elliot, 1995", should be changed to "Ward, 1995".  The citation for Ward, 1995 is as follows:  Ward, Andy D.  (1995).  Flow in channels, rivers, and impoundments.  In Environmental Hydrology, eds. Andy D. Ward and William J. Elliot.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC Lewis, pp. 205-252.

p. 63: The numbers in the column titled "Weighted Surface Velocity" should read, going down the column, 1.32, 1.32, and 1.59 (that is, the last one should be changed to 1.59).

p. 173: In the last line, the date 1985 should be changed to 1980.

p. 369: In the formula for the well function, "2.2!" should read "2x2!",  "3.3!" should read "3x3!",  and "4.4!" should read "4x4!".

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