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What will you take from this course?

By the time you finish this course, you should be able to explain, discuss, and use the hydrogeologic topics/terms/concepts listed below.  You already should know some of them coming in to the course; these are marked with an asterisk (*).  During this course, your understanding of these concepts will deepen.

Physical Hydrogeology

porosity*, effective porosity*, permeability*, hydraulic conductivity*
aquifer*, aquitard*, water table*, potentiometric surface*, vadose zone*
anisotropy*, heterogeneity*
hydraulic head*, hydraulic gradient*, Darcy's law*, flow equations, unsaturated flow,
    fracture flow
specific yield*, specific retention*, transmissivity*, storativity*, diffusivity, specific storage,  compressibility
site exploration, well design, well installation, piezometers*
well hydraulics*, specific capacity, well efficiency, superposition, partial penetration
aquifer evaluation, slug tests*, pumping tests*
water supply, dewatering, monitoring, wellhead protection area, capture zone

Chemical Hydrogeology

chemical constituents of ground water: dissolved*, suspended, gases, inorganics*,
    organics, isotopes
acid-base reactions, dissolution*, exsolution, volatilization, precipitation*, complexation,
    cation exchange, sorption, oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, biotransformation,
    radioactive decay, isotopic enrichment/depletion reactions
colloids and microorganisms
solute transport, advection*, dispersion, diffusion, decay
sampling, monitoring

Contaminant Hydrogeology

contaminant sources*, common contaminants*, inorganics*, organics*, agricultural chemicals,
    isotopes, biological contaminants, NAPLs*
monitoring: well design and installation, sampling, assessment
contaminant fate and transport processes
remediation: containment, pump and treat*, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioremediation,
    natural attenuation

Ground Water Modeling

flow system boundaries*, no-flow boundary*, constant head boundary*
conceptual model, hydrostratigraphy
calibration, iteration, method of successive approximation
transient flow*, steady state flow*
finite element grid, model layers

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