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ESCI 340
Spring, 2007

Daily Objectives #8  (February 1, 2007)                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

* Report, compare, and analyze the results of the soil moisture  determination.

* Explain what the following quantities reveal about a soil, and using a soil phase diagram, define each one:

    q moisture content (w)
porosity (n)
    q degree of saturation (S)
    q unit weight (g): 
                s  unit weight of the soil sample
                s  unit weight of water
                s  dry unit weight
  q density (r):
                s  density of the soil sample
                s  dry density
                s  density of water
  q specific gravity of solids (Gs
  q void ratio (e)
  q relative density (Dr)

* Using the mass of your dry soil sample, estimate the volume of solids in your soil sample.

* Using the density of water, estimate the volume of water that was in your moist soil sample, before you dried it.

* Calculate the degree of saturation of your moist soil sample.

* Solve weight-volume problems that ask you to use the values of some soil properties to calculate the values of others.

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