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ESCI 340
Spring, 2007

Daily Objectives #15  (March 6, 2007)                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

* Use the ASTM Visual Manual procedure to investigate and describe the characteristics of a soil sample (presentation by Krys and Hossein).

* Explain how to use the hydrometer method to determine the grain size distribution of the fine portion of a soil sample (presentation by Rob J and Rob B).

* Review: Explain the meaning of the term "Fines" as it applies to grain size, and describe the difference between silt and clay.

* Review: Explain the difference between soil in a liquid, solid, and semi-solid state. 

* Review: Explain what the Atterberg limits of a soil tell us.

* Show how to determine the liquid limit (review), plastic limit, and plasticity index of a soil sample in the laboratory.

* Use the USDA texture triangle to classify a soil sample.

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