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ESCI 340
Spring, 2007

Daily Objectives #12  (February 22, 2007)                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

* Have ready for class: Show how to derive Equation 4.28 on p. 107 of the textbook.  (Groups were assigned in class on Tuesday.)

* Describe the general methods/techniques for determining grain size distribution of a sediment sample, and explain the use of the term "percent finer".

* Looking at a grain size distribution graph, differentiate between sediment samples that are poorly graded and those that are well graded.

* Using a grain size distribution graph, read off the D10, D30, and D60, and calculate the coefficient of uniformity and the coefficient of curvature.

* Construct grain size distribution curves for the sample analyses reported in Problem 4.12 on p. 124.

* Describe the USDA classification system, and plot the position of some soil sample analyses on the USDA triangle. 

* Describe the AASHTO classification system. 

* Explain what is required in the "Lab Methods" presentation.

* Explain what is required in the Homework for next week.

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