ESCI 340
Spring, 2013

Course Schedule
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Class time:  12:15-1:55 pm
Class time:  12:15-2:45 pm
JAN 8  INTRODUCTION: What is geotechnical engineering?  READ: Chapter 1 (especially p. 1-4, 14-end).  The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG). JAN 10   Minerals, rocks, and discontinuities.  READ: Chap. 2, p. 28-43.   
JAN 15  Engineering geology: rock, soil, and water.  READ:  Chap. 2, p. 43-end. JAN 17 Soil: Where does it come from?  Topographic profiles.  Using geologic and topographic maps.
JAN 22  Topographic profiles and geologic maps.  Soil composition and engineering properties.  JAN 24 Topographic profiles and cross sections.  READ: Chap. 3, p. 108-111. 
JAN 29  Soil composition and engineering properties, continued.  READ:  Chap. 4, p. 121-133, 138-148.  JAN 31 Soil composition and engineering properties. 
FEB 5  Weight-volume problem-solving and soil properties.  READ:  Chap. 4, p. 133-138. FEB 7 Weight-volume problem-solving and soil properties.  Particle size analysis: sieve tests.
FEB 12 Lincoln's Birthday Holiday.  No class. FEB 14 Exam #1.
FEB 19  Particle size analysis:  sieve tests, continued.  Hydrometer tests.  AEG Meeting this evening!  FEB 21  Soil composition and engineering properties:  Atterberg limits.  READ: Chap. 4, p. 148-156. .
FEB 26 Atterberg limits, cont'd.  FEB 28  USDA, AASHTO, and USCS classifications.  READ:  Chap. 5.  Presentation by a candidate for a faculty position.
MAR 5   Class canceled due to snow closing. MAR 7 USDA, AASHTO, and USCS soil classifications.
MAR 12  Jahns Distinguished Lecturer Dr. James McCalpin will speak in class.  Exam #2 will be distributed today and is due by 2 pm Friday, March 15.  Get a review sheet here. MAR 14  Field trip to new El Centro campus site. 
MAR 19  Spring Break; no class. MAR 21  Spring Break; no class.
MAR 26  USCS soil classification.  Lab work on El Centro samples. MAR 28   Interpreting boring logs.  Friday Mar 29: Last day to drop a class.
APR 2  Drilling and sampling methods.  Site characterization.  Foundations.  Read:  Chapter 3.  Skim:  Chapter 14. APR 4  Soil compaction and earthwork.  Site characterization, continued.
APR 9 Soil compaction.  Geotechnical project.  Read:  Chap. 6, p. 213-235. APR 11 Soil compaction, continued.  Geotechnical project.  Earthworks.
APR 16  Geotechnical project.  Earthwork.  Heavy equipment used in construction. APR 18 Field trip to Wang Engineering, Inc. geotechnical laboratory.  Postponed due to flooding.
APR 23  Geotechnical project.  Guest speakers:  El Centro architect and structural engineer Juan Moreno and Josh Dortzbach.   APR 25  Field trip to Wang Engineering, Inc. geotechnical laboratory.  Geotechnical project due.  Due date moved to next Tuesday! 
APR 30  Geotechnical project due.  Course evaluations.  Final Exam period:  10:00-11:50 a.m.  Note the unusual time!  Get a review sheet here.  Grades are due at midnight on May 7.   
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