Homework 1
Department of Earth Science |Northeastern Illinois University

ESCI 337
Spring, 2009

Homework #1                                                                                                             Sanders

    1) How big is the property we are considering?  How does the area compared to an acre?  How big is an acre (in non-technical terms)?

    2) How much of the property is in garden plots?  How much water would be needed to give the gardens one inch of water?

    3) What is the area of the roof?  How much rain will the roof collect in a typical rainfall?

    4) What depth annual precipitation do we typically get in Chicago?
  What volume annual precipitation do we typically get in Chicago? 

    5) What is a "typical rainfall" in Chicago?  Would it fill the two rain barrels for the home we are considering?

    6) For the home we are considering, how many rain barrels would fill in a typical rainfall in Chicago? 

    7) In addition to rain barrels, suggest other ways the amount of rain water going into city sewers could be reduced.

    8) Bonus (optional): As an individual (not as a team), estimate how many rain barrels you would need at your home (or a building of your choice) to collect and store water from a typical Chicago rainfall.  Explain and show your supporting data.

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