Department of Earth Science |Northeastern Illinois University

ESCI 337
Fall, 2007

Homework #6: The Modeling Project!                                                                                                             Sanders

Please hand in the following materials:

A) The model itself.  Please save your completed model as "yourname.ggw".   E-mail it to me as an attachment.

B) The following items, compiled into a coherent document:

    1) The information you wrote on the geology of the model area.

    2) A map showing the line of cross section.  Eliminate extraneous material!  (Trim it off.)  Be sure your map shows the line along which the cross section is drawn; it also should give the numbers of the borings used in the cross section.  Don't forget to label A and A'.

    3) Your finished cross section of the study area.  (Do not turn in the original!  Make a photocopy on 11" x 17" paper.  This version will not show the grid lines, which will be a neater presentation.)

    4) Your explanation of the conceptual model for the study area.  Include a very brief (a few lines each) discussion about each of these components: the hydrostratigraphy, the boundaries to the flow system, and the stresses to the flow system.

    5) Your listing of the variables in the model, telling in no more than a few sentences each why you chose the values you did.  Cite any sources you used!

    6) A few sentences telling what the results of the model (equipotential lines and particle tracking) show for the study area. 

    7) Your sensitivity analysis. (If you wish, you may use the document linked to the Nov. 8 class agenda as a way to organize/format this portion.)

Make a copy for yourself--you'll need it during your exam!

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