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ESCI 337
Fall, 2007

Homework #3                                                                                                             Sanders

We will dedicate most of the class period (about 80 minutes of it) on Thursday, Sept. 27 to this homework project.  You may use that time to perform your experiment, work out calculations, or write your report--as the group sees fit.  At the very least, though, you should come to class having read about permeameters, permeability, and hydraulic conductivity.

Measuring Hydraulic Conductivity:
Work with a group to measure hydraulic conductivity and permeability of two sediment samples (A, B, and/or C--do not use the marbles for this one).  Write a report (one per group) to be handed in on October 2 at class time.  In your concise, neat report, do the following:

Objective In one sentence, write the objective of the experiment. 
  • Samples:  Give a geologic description of each of the two sediment samples you tested.
  • Laboratory Methods: Describe your experimental apparatus and protocol (step by step method).  A sketch may be useful.
  • Analytical Methods: Tell how how you calculated hydraulic conductivity and permability based on your test results.  (Give a sample calculation.)
Results Give your experimental results.  (A neat data table may be the best way to present them.)
Discussion and Conclusions Explain your results.  Tell whether they seem appropriate or not, and how you know.  Describe possible sources of error in the experiment.  Suggest ways to improve the experiment. 
If you have cited any sources, give bibliographic information here.  (Use any citation format you're comfortable with, or use the one our textbook uses.)

Hossein, and Alex
Barb, Ken, and Jeff
    Kristine and Jeaneth
Bisrat, and Melissa

If you need access to the lab during hours when the Science Building is open, please contact an Earth Science Department faculty or staff member.  Access to the building and the lab on weekends is through the office of Public Safety.  Your name is on an "access list" for this course.

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