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ESCI 337
Fall, 2005

Daily Objectives #22 (November 21, 2005)                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

v  Sketch hydrogeologic cross sections that illustrate the following:

   unconfined aquifer
   u   confined aquifer
         u   water table
   u   potentiometric surface
   u   hydrostratigraphic units that do not completely coincide with lithostratigraphic units
   u   no-flow boundary
   u   constant head boundary

v  Convert latitude and longitude from units of decimal degrees to units of degrees, minutes, and seconds.

v  Plot well locations on a topographic map.

v  Work with your group to complete Homework #5 (see the pink sheet for November 16, 2005).  Remember: draw your cross section in pencil!  You will have to make changes, so consider this a draft.  Please cooperate with your group members to give all of your cross sections a similar format, following the example distributed in class last week. 

A clarification from last week: Label each well with the five-digit identifier from the well's API number.  (Find the API number, cut off the final two digits--usually "00"--and then use the final five digits.)
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