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ESCI 337
Fall, 2005

Daily Objectives #20 (November 14, 2005)                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

v  Describe the differences between unconfined and confined aquifers, and given subsurface data, delineate them.

v  Explain the meanings of the terms water table and potentiometric surface, and tell in what situations they mean the same thing, and when they mean different things.

  Describe the difference between stratigraphic units and hydrostratigraphic units, and sketch an example.

v  What geologic and hydrogeologic conditions can give rise to a no-flow boundary?  constant head boundary? 

  Use published maps to investigate geologic conditions in this area:  Dupage County, area bordered on the east by Salt Creek, on the south by Spring Brook, and on the west by Meacham Creek.  (This is in the approximate area of Itasca.)  Use the following resources, plus any others you can find:

    p 7.5 minute topographic quadrangles [Note: Identify the area by County, Township, Range, and Sections, and tell what topo quads cover it.]
    p Summary of the Geology of the Chicago Area, by H.B. Willman (1971)
    p Quaternary Deposits of Illinois, by Jerry Lineback and others (1979) [This map is hanging in the classroom.]
    p Geologic Map of Illinois, by H.B. Willman and others (1967)  [This map is hanging in the classroom.]
    p Stack-Unit Mapping of Geologic Materials in Illinois to a Depth of 15 Meters, by Richard C. Berg and John P. Kempton (1988)
    p Glacial Drift in Illinois: Thickness and Character, by Kemal Piskin and Robert E. Bergstrom (1975)
    p Buried Bedrock Surface of Illinois, by Beverly Herzong and others (1994).  [Compare this to the preceding map.]
    p Potential for Contamination of Shallow Aquifers in Illinois, by Richard Berg and others, 1984.

Take notes!  By the end of this investigation, you should be able to write a description of the geology of the area.

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