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ESCI 121
Spring 2007

Daily Objectives #3 
(January 17, 2006)                                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today’s class, you should be able to do the following:

*  Describe the direction of movement at each of the three types of plate boundaries.

*  List and describe the geologic features you would find at each of the following types of plate boundaries.  Use sketches to illustrate each type, and give real-world examples of each.
       1) Divergent (also tell what type of plates are typically found at these boundaries--continental, or oceanic?)

       2) Convergent 

             A) Oceanic and contintental plates converging

             B) Oceanic and oceanic plates converging

             C) Two continental plates converging

       3) Transform

* Make your own map of the world illustrating plate boundaries, to be used in a homework assignment later this semester.  The base map we used in class appears as a .pdf at this link.    On your map, in addition to drawing the boundaries, write notes for yourself to remind yourself of what geologic features you would expect to find at each type of boundary.

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