Department of Earth Science |Northeastern Illinois University

ESCI 121
Spring 2007

Daily Objectives #24
(April 23, 2007)                                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today’s class, you should be able to do the following:

* Explain the terms aquifer and aquitard, and tell the the difference between them.   Give examples of geologic materials that make good aquifers those that make good aquitards.

* Explain what the term water table means, and tell how its elevation is measured.

* Describe what a ground water well is, and tell how wells are constructed.

* Calculate water elevation in wells based on depth-to-water data.

* Plot water table elevation in wells on a map, contour the points,  and tell what direction water is flowing based on the mapped position of the water table.

Department of Earth Science | Northeastern Illinois University

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