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ESCI 121
Spring 2007

Homework Assignment #2
(Due any time before Spring Break; late papers will not be accepted.)                            Dr. Sanders

Plate Tectonics in the News!

In this assignment, you will use your understanding of plate tectonics and the plate boundaries map you created in class to explain a current geologic event.

What Information to Find

In a newspaper, magazine, or web-news publication (i.e. one that posts daily or weekly news articles), find an article on a geologic event that somehow relates to plate tectonics.  (For example, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis are geologic events that might potentially meet the criteria; some other events might qualify too.  If in doubt, ask.)  

The publication must be current
; you must turn in your assignment within two weeks of the article's date.

What to Write

    1. Write a paragraph summarizing what the event was that occurred, giving location and pertinent facts about what happened.

    2. Write a paragraph explaining how the geologic event is related to plate tectonics.  (For example, do plate boundary interactions explain what happened?  If so, how?  What plates are involved, what type are they, and how are they moving relative to each other?  How did this lead to the event you are studying?)

Report Format

    Page limit: maximum one page of text. 
    Spacing and margins: your choice
    Font size: 12 point font or larger. 
    Paper size: ordinary 8.5" x 11" printer paper. 

    Writing: Your report must be written in complete sentences
    Spelling and grammar: Your report must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
    Plagiarism: The report must be written by you, in your own words.  You will not receive credit for material written by others!  Do not copy and paste information from web pages or any other source; write in your own words to show your own understanding of the material.  Be aware of the NEIU policy on academic misconduct.

What to Hand In

    1.  Your one page written report.
    2.  Attach the plate boundaries world map that you constructed in class.  On the map, show the location of the geologic event.
    3.  A copy of the article.

Please staple or clip the pages together, and put your name on every page.

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