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ESCI 121
Spring 2007

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Homework Assignments

Please note that this page does not include all graded assignments; some assignments will be both assigned and completed in class, and will not be posted here.

Homework #1:
E-mail me!  (Due January 17, 2007)

Homework #2: Plate Tectonics in the News (Due any time before Spring Break, 2007)

Homework #3: Get to Know a Volcano! (Due February 14, 2007)

Homework #4: Earthquake Focus Maps in Color (Due March 12, 2007)

Homework #5: Earthquake Epicenters and Tsunamis: The Indonesian Earthquake of December 26, 2004.  (Due March 26, 2007.)

Homework #6: How Much Water Is In That Stream?  (Due April 16, 2007.)

Homework #7:  Watersheds and Hydrographs: Finding and Explaining Patterns (Due April 25, 2007.)

Department of Earth Science | Northeastern Illinois University

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