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ESCI 121, Fall 2006

Daily Objectives #28 (December 5, 2006)                                                                        Dr. Sanders

Reminder: Homework Assignment #5  is due Thursday, December 7.

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

Topographic Maps (review)

* Draw contours of land surface for a hill, an inclined plane, a ridge, and a valley.

Streams and Stream Processes

* Define the terms drainage basin, drainage area, and watershed.

* Sketch a map view of a meandering stream; indicate where you would expect to find erosion occurring and where you would expect to find deposition occurring.

* On a map of a stream flowing into a lake or ocean, show where a delta would form.

Ground Water

* Inject dye into a model of a ground water system, and observe what happens to it.  Pay special attention to how quickly it moves and along what path it travels.

* Identify the water table on the ground water model, and explain what the term means.

* Calculate the elevation of the water table under idle and pumping conditions for the Stermerville well worksheet.

* Draw contours of the water table on the maps for idle and pumping conditions in Stermerville.

* Determine flow directions for the Stermerville ground water.

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