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ESCI 121
Fall 2006

Daily Objectives #11  (October 3, 2006)                                                                        Dr. Sanders

By the end of today’s class, you should be able to do the following:


*  List and describe the two main categories of weathering (chemical weathering and mechanical weathering), and give a few examples of each type.

*  Explain the steps in forming deposits of sediments, including weathering, erosion, transport, and deposition.

*  Distinguish between chemical sediments and detrital sediments, describing characteristics of each category and telling how they form.

*  Explain the steps in forming sedimentary rocks from sediments, correctly using and explaining the term lithification.

New Today:

*  Explain the difference between gravel, sand, and clay sediments.

*  Examine hand samples of sedimentary rocks and describe their textural features, distinguishing between detrital sedimentary rocks and chemical sedimentary rocks.

*  Using the sedimentary rock key in your textbook on p. 63, identify hand samples of sedimentary rocks and explain how you arrived at each name.

* Explain why the minerals quartz and calcite are commonly found in sedimentary rocks.


Get the homework assignment by visiting the page for our course syllabus and clicking on "Homework" in the yellow box near the top of the page.  The assignment is due Oct. 10, 2006--one week from today!

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