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ESCI 121
Fall 2006

Homework Assignment #1 (Due at class time, October 10, 2006)                                                                        Dr. Sanders

Get to Know a Volcano!

In this assignment, you will research and get to know a volcano.   You will write a brief (one page) report on your findings, addressing specific questions.

Criteria for choosing your volcano:
    Do not choose Kilauea or Mount Saint Helen's.
    Choose a volcano that has erupted in the last decade (10 years).
    Choose a volcano for which enough information is available that you can answer the questions below.

Finding information:
    You must use at least two sources other than your textbook.
    You must cite the sources you use.
    You may use any printed sources such as books (including your textbook) and periodicals.
    You may use web resources.  Here are a few links to get you started, but there are many more!

            Smithsonian Institution (Global Volcanism Program)   

                100 Active Volcanoes (updated daily)          

                     How Volcanoes Work   

                        Volcanoes Online  

Volcano World

Writing your report:

    Format:  Your report must be typed in 12-point font or larger.  No particular line spacing is required, however, there is a one page limit!
    Writing: Your report must be written in complete sentences. 
    No plagiarism: The report must be written by you, in your own words.  You will not receive credit for material written by others!  Do not copy and paste information from web pages or any other source; write in your own words to show your own understanding of the material.  Be aware of the NEIU policy on academic misconduct.

Your report should include the following information, in this order (use this numbering in your answers):

1.  Give the name and specific location of your volcano. 

2.  What is the structure, or form of your volcano?  (See p. 257-261 in your text.)

3.  Give a brief history of your volcano's major eruptions and/or most recent eruptions.

4.  Describe your volcano's eruptions in terms of their eruptive style/nature.   (See p. 252-254 in your text.)

5.  What is the plate tectonic environment of your volcano?  Maps from the plate tectonic exercise are available in this on-line version; also see p. 224-225 in your text, and the big sea floor map in the classroom.

6.  List the references you used, including giving the specific URL for any website used.  You must use information from
       at least two sources besides your textbook!

7. Print out the world map that appears at this link.  Plot your volcano's location on the map.

Put your name on both pages, and staple or clip them together to hand them in. 

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© 2006 Laura L. Sanders.  Last updated October3, 2006.  This assignment is based on and modified from an assignment written by Prof. Jean Hemzacek Laukant, Northeastern Illinois University.