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Section 06
Fall 2009

Daily Objectives #4  (September 10, 2009)                                                                                                         Dr. Sanders

Results of the Great Density Weigh-Off are...

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

w Continue our jigsaw exercise to investigate Earth's large scale patterns.  (Last time, we formed Expert Groups.  We'll continue from there!)


Compiling the Data

▫ Break into Jigsaw Groups, one Expert "puzzle piece" in each Jigsaw Group.

▫ Record the names of the others in your Jigsaw Group. 

▫ In your Jigsaw Group, examine each of the 14 study sites.  For each site, each Expert should call out what they know about that site, and everyone should record it on their own Jigsaw Group Summary Sheet.

Analyzing the Data

You have just participated in a very large data-gathering effort.  Now comes the fun part: scientifically analyzing the data! 

w Break into two teams, within your larger Jigsaw group.  (We should end up with 6 teams.) 

w Each team will serve two functions: 1) Analysts, and 2) Peer Reviewers. 

  As Analysts, each team will study the data and pick out patterns.  (Usually these will take a form something like this:  "Whenever X is true, Y is also true.")  Teams will then write a short description of the pattern, supporting their statements by citing the data and noting any exceptions.

As Peer Reviewers, each team will examine the information and decide if they agree or not.  They will write their verdict, support it, and will forward the information to the instructor.

w Teams will earn one point for each valid and supportable pattern they come up with, and Peer Reviewers will earn a half-point for each one they review correctly and pass to the instructor.  Total possible points:  7.5.

Next, we will add one more piece of data to our collection!

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