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ESCI 121

Section 06
Fall 2009

Homework #5 (Due Tuesday, October 27, 2009)                                                                                                         Dr. Sanders

This “Rock Your State!” assignment involves finding a geologic point of interest in the state you have been studying, and providing information about it in a poster presentation format.  Your poster should include the following elements:

Poster format:  Printed text that appears on the poster must be 36 point or larger; the exception is your citations to sources.  You can use flip-chart sheets provided in class (print out materials and tape them to the poster sheet) or your own poster.  You may come early that day to put together your poster if you wish, but posters must be ready to go at the moment class begins.  You will not be permitted to construct your poster during class time!

What happens next?  During our class session, part of the class will stand next to their posters while other students circulate.  Presenters will explain to viewers why they chose their sites, what kind of geologic materials can be found there, and what makes the sites geologically interesting.  Then, we will switch presenter/viewer roles.

This assignment is worth 12 points total.

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