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Chicago's Environmental Geology
Earth Science 109W, Section 01, Fall 2013



* The outline below will be adjusted daily.  Check frequently for updates!  

* Field trips are required class activities.  You must be present and dressed appropriately for the weather.

* For daily learning objectives, click the date.  Links will be added weekly as the semester progresses.

Week Class Activities      (Click the date for a list of daily learning objectives!)
  WEDNESDAY (10:00-10:50 am) FRIDAY (10:00 a.m.-12:30 pm)
1 AUG 28  Welcome to Muddy Waters!  Getting to know you.  What is FYE?  What are environmental geology and the Muddy Waters course?  AUG 30  Keeping a field notebook.  Stream velocity.  Measuring stream velocity in Eugene Field Park.  Dress for outdoor work today!  "E-mail us!" is due at 2 pm.
2 SEP 4  Finding and using the course web page.  Intro to the Chicago Rivers project.  Write-up on last Friday's field work is due (Assignment #3). SEP 6  Field safety contracts.  Work on Chicago Rivers.  Measuring stream discharge at Labagh Woods Forest Preserve.  Read Chapter 1 in the "Your College Experience" (YCE) book before coming to class today.  
3 SEP 11  How you learn. Guest presenter:  Katherine Gleiss of the Learning Support Center. "Meet with Tif" is due today.  Read Chapter 3 in the YCE book before coming to class today. SEP 13  Stream gages. Confluence trip: North Shore Channel and the North Branch of the Chicago River. Dress for outdoor work today! 
4 SEP 18  Academic integrity and plagiarism. Visit from Molly Mansfield, Ronald Williams Library.  "Reading the NEIU Catalog" due.  SEP 20 Watersheds. Gathering online stream discharge data. Calculating recurrence interval and probability. Data interpretation.   Dress for outdoor work today!  "Avoiding Plagiarism" due. 
5 SEP 25 Guest presenter Jamie Riess from the Academic Advising Office.  SEP 27 Water analysis: field parameters. Using Field Probes. Team-building and the NEIU Rock Wall. Dress for wall-climbing today!    
6 OCT 2 Chicago Rivers. Watershed and drainage area. Annual peak discharge. Finding discharge data on the USGS website. "Meet With a Professor" is due. OCT 4 Chicago Rivers: Creating probability curves.
7 OCT 9 Creating FIRMettes. Chicago Rivers: Preparing for poster presentation on Friday. "Your Academic Plan" is due. OCT 11 "Chicago Rivers" project is due. Lab safety. Drinking water standards. Intro to the "Thirsty City" Project. Principles of colorimetry. Measuring sulfate with colorimetry. Water treatment processes. Dress for outdoor work today! 
8 OCT 16 Measuring chloride, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, and fluoride. Copies of the procedures are linked here:  Chloride    Nitrate  Fluoride. Transitions. Read Chap. 10 in the YCE book before coming to class today. OCT 18 Collecting and analyzing data for the Thirsty City project. Field trip to Lake Michigan. Dress for outdoor work today!  
9 OCT 23 Collecting and analyzing data for the Thirsty City project.  The first deadline for "Thirsty City" is today!  OCT 25 Wrap up lab analyses for Thirsty City. Intro to "H2O: Where Does It Go?" project. The water cycle. Visit the Student Center for Science Engagement. Dress for outdoor work today! 
10 OCT 30 H2O: Where Does It Go? Measuring land area and water volume.  The second deadline for "Thirsty City" is today! NOV 1  Visit with John Murray, NEIU Chief Engineer.The water cycle: Urban aspects. H2O: Where Does It Go? project. The third and final deadline for "Thirsty City" is today! 
11 NOV 6  Final calculations for the H2O: Where Does It Go? project. Introduction to MyPlan. The H2O outline is due today! NOV 8  The hydrologic cycle and urban hydrologic cycle.  Field trip to Gompers Park. Dress for outdoor work today! Last day to drop a course.
12 NOV 13 Prepare for the Great Debate. "H2O: Where Does It Go?" is due today! NOV 15  Prepare for the Great Debate. "Planning Your Future: Personality, Interest, Skills, and Values" is due today.
13 NOV 20 Prepare for the Great Debate.  NOV 22 The Great Debate! Intro to the "Balancing Act" Project.
14 NOV 27 When are your final exams? Balancing Act: maps and calculations. Finding stream data online. "Planning Your Future: Your Top Career Choices" is due today. NOV 29 Thanksgiving break: no class.
15 DEC 4 Determining annual stream flow from a watershed. FYE course evaluations. DEC 6 Simple water budget calculations. Course evaluations.
16 DEC 11 12-1:50 pm (note the different time!)  Balancing Act final activity. Snow depth and water equivalent measurements (weather permitting).  
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