CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City 
                                                                                 ESCI 109
                                                                              Spring 2010

Daily Objectives #15 (March 2, 2010)                                                  J. Hemzacek and L. Sanders

Reminder:  A homework assignment is due today!

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

w Compile information collected by your team for your study area.

w Locate your study area on the following maps:      

       - street map      - map of surficial geology   - physiographic map    - topographic map (determine which quads you need)

w Use city boundaries to correlate the ISGS physiographic map, city map, and topographic quadrangles.

w Demonstrate that you can plan a field trip to a "sample" area (the Blue Island area).

w List several different types of sediment and explain the processes that might transport and deposit each of them.

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