CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City 
                                                                                 ESCI 109
                                                                              Spring 2010

Daily Objectives #13 (February 23, 2010)                                                  J. Hemzacek and L. Sanders

Reminder:  A homework assignment is due on Thursday!

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

w Review:  Locate a given feature on each of three different maps:     

           - street map               - topographic map               - map of surficial geology.

w Using the "Index to Topographic Maps", determine the precise location of a topographic map on the geologic map. 
                (For example, in class, we worked with the Berwyn and Blue Island topo quadrangles.)

w Using the key to the geologic map, identify the geologic formations that occur in a specific area. 
                (For example, in class, we counted 7-8 geologic formations,
                plus two special symbols, that occur within the area covered by
                the Blue Island topo quadrangle.)

w Using a topographic quadrangle and geologic map together, determine where on the topo map a specific geologic deposit can be found.
                (The example we did in class involved finding where the Parkland Sand
                deposit could be found in the Blue Island topo quadrangle.)  

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