CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

Homework Assignments                                                                                          J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Assignment #1
(Due Jan 14)
Assignment #3
(Due Jan 28)
Assignment #5
(Due Jan 28--but complete
this one even if it is
past that date)
Team Project
(Multiple Due Dates)

Overview and Organizing
(March 4)
Team Contract
(March 16)
Field Trip Plan
(March 18)
Field Trip Report
(April 15)
Poster Draft
(April 22)

  May 4 or 6--check for your section's deadline
Team Citizenship Evaluation
Poster Grading Rubric:
Your checklist!
Assignment #7: Glacial Erratic Photos: See "Announcements" on the course home page.  (Due at noon on March 31, 2010.)
Assignment #2
(Due Jan 21)
Assignment #4
(Due Jan 26)
Assignment #6: Academic Plan
(Due Feb 25)
Assignment #8: "MyPlan" Surveys
(Due April 6)
Assignment #9:  Your top career choices
(Due April 27)
Assignment #1:  (Due Thursday, January 14.)  Fill out and hand in the yellow survey that was distributed in class.
Assignment #2(Due Thursday, January 21.)  Get a Chicago-area street map, as described in class and under "Required Materials" on the schedule of topics.  Put your name on it and hand it in.  Don't worry; you'll get it back!
Assignment #3:  (Due Thursday, January 28.)  E-mail the instructors! 

Send an email from your preferred email address (the one that you check regularly.)  Follow these steps: 
  1) Send a single message, addressed to both of your instructors: and

2) For subject of the message, type  "ESCI 109 Section [01 or 02] -- [your name]".

3) In the body of the message, tell us what you are listening to as you write the e-mail.  For example, are you listening to music?  If so, what artist or song?  Are you listening to TV?   If so, what show?  Is your pesky brother talking at you?  Are you listening to the sounds of nature, or the sounds of the city?  What do you hear?
Assignment #4:  (Due Tuesday, January 26.)  Using the note-taking method described in class on January 21, take notes on the web-based reading (not the CSS book!) that was assigned for January 19.  (See the schedule of topics for the web-based reading assignment. )

Create this set of notes on loose-leaf paper.  Hand write the notes, but please make them neat, so we can read them!  In class on the due date (Tuesday, January 26), be prepared to add class notes on the topic, in the described  format.  (This means you should have different colors of writing utensils handy in class on Tuesday!)
Assignment #5(Due Thursday, January 28--but complete this one even if it is past that date.)
1) Log in to Blackboard at and select this course. 
2) Click on "Discussion Board".
3) Click on the forum name: "Plan for Thursday". 
4) Type your suggestions!  We want every student to make a contribution to the group plan.
Assignment #6:  (Due Thursday, February 25.)  This is a required assignment.  Failure to complete it may affect your final grade.  

1) Complete the "Academic Plan" that was distributed in class on Thursday February 4 by Mr. Bob Binkowski of the Academic Advising Office.  (Don't have your copy of the form?  It is attached here.)

2) Make an appointment to see your advisor, and take the completed plan with you to the meeting.  Your advisor will discuss your plan with you.  Warning:  If the plan is not satisfactory, they may send you away to make revisions, and you'll need to see them a second or third time.  Be sure to leave time in your schedule for this!

3) When you have completed the plan to your advisor's satisfaction, s/he will sign it.  Turn in the signed form on February 25.  We will not accept unsigned forms.
Team Project:  The project includes multiple parts, with several different due dates.  Due dates are listed at the top of this page.
Assignment #7: Glacial Erratic Photos: See "Announcements" on the course home page.
Assignment #8: (Due Tuesday, April 6, 2010.)  Log in to MyPlan at .  Read the paragraph to the right of the NEIU logo, then click "Create Free Account".  You will need to enter the NEIU license code (as given in class; if you were not in class send the instructors an e-mail and we will send it to you).  Create an account for yourself; it takes just a few minutes. 

Once you are logged in, complete the four tests:  Personality Test, Interest Inventory, Skills Profile, and Values Assessment.  (Allow about 20 minutes for each test.) 

After you have finished each test, you will be able to read a report on your profile.  For each report, click "Printable View", and print the report.  Staple or clip all the reports together, and hand them in at class time, Tuesday, April 6, 2010. 
Assignment #9:  Your Top Career Choices.  (Due Tuesday, April 27, 2010.)  
w  Print the worksheet that appears here. 
w  Log in to MyPlan at, using the account you already created. 

w  Click "Assessment", and then either "CareerMatch" (near the top), or "Composite Score" (on the left hand side). 
w  Under "What Level of Education?", select either Level 4 (Four-year degree) or Level 5 (Graduate Degree), and click "Go!" 

w  A list of careers suited to your personal test results will appear.  Looking at the top 10 (or so) careers, choose two that interest you.  Click on the career title. 
w  Read the information presented on the web page, clicking "Next Page" as needed.  Fill in the blank spaces in the worksheet.

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