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ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT: Team Contract                                                                             J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Your Task: 
Work together to write a Team Contract, signed by every team member.  The Contract must spell out the group's expectations for all team members with regard to
good team citizenship, as discussed in class.  In addition, the Contract should address the team's responsibilities to its members.

Date Due:  Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Assignment Requirements

• The Contract must be
• The Contract must be signed by all team members and submitted at the beginning of the class period on the due date.
• Use the following format and include all the components listed.

Team Name                                 
ESCI 109, Section ___         
Name of Project Study Area

Team Contract

The Contract may include whatever details the group agrees upon, but at a minimum it must contain information to address these aspects of working together to achieve a goal:
  * how the team will meet deadlines / due dates (include a back-up plan!)
  * equitable distribution of workload
  * interpersonal interactions
handling of disagreements


Include the paragraphs on Firing and Quitting verbatim (see below).*


At the bottom of the document, include the typed, full name of each team member, followed by a space for the team member
s signature and date.  For example:
Name _____________  Signature ____________  Date _______
Name _____________  Signature ____________  Date _______

 The Team Contract ALSO must include, verbatim, the paragraphs below, on Firing and Quitting


If a team member is chronically non-cooperative or disruptive to progress of the project, they may be fired from the team, if and only if the rest of the team has done all they can to resolve the situation, including the following escalating steps: 1) attempt to resolve the situation directly with the team member; 2) arrange a consultation of the whole team with the instructors; 3) send a memo to the non-cooperating member, with a copy to both instructors, warning that unless that person fulfills their responsibilities as a team member, he/she will be fired from the team; 4) if one week passes without significant improvement in the situation, the team may send a second memo officially firing the person. This memo must also be copied to both instructors.

Similarly, if one team member feels that they are “carrying” the rest of their teammates, and has made a good faith effort to resolve the issue of division of responsibilities, that person may send a memo notifying teammates of her/his intent to resign. If the team cannot resolve the issue within one week, the person may send a second memo announcing their resignation. Both memos must be copied to the instructor.

A student who is fired or who quits a team is responsible for submitting a proposal to the instructors regarding an alternate way to fulfill the requirement for a group project element for the course. Failure to participate in completion of a group project will result in a grade of zero on any further group assignments.

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