CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT: Poster (Final!)                                                                                 J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Your Task: 
The final poster presentation! 
Date Due:  Section 01:  May 4, 2010, 8:00-9:50 a.m.  Note the unusual time!
  Section 02:  May 6, 2010.  10:00-11:50 a.m.  Note the unusual time!
Both sections: Your poster must be ready for viewing at the beginning of the period!   Plan to arrive a few minutes early to ensure it is set up on time.

Assignment Requirements

Content:  Your poster presentation must include information--text, maps, illustrations, and/or photographs, as appropriate--on the following:

4Poster Title, giving study area/topic name
4Team name, and members' names

General location map of Chicago region, with location of the study area indicated
4Detailed location map(s) of your specific area [You may find it helpful to use the USGS Map Locator
    (also see Prof. Hemzacek's suggestions on downloading from this site) or GoogleEarth (]

4Text and photos describing significant geologic features
4Text and photos describing surficial geology of the area, including geologic origin
4Text and photos describing significant topographic features
4Text and photos describing significant water features (if appropriate)
4Evidence that humans are interacting with the geology in a non-random, non-coincidental way
4Photographic evidence that all team members were on the field trip together
4Photographic evidence that all team members were having fun!

Citations and references: see important information here!


4 Posters can range from the size of a single sheet of poster board (about 20 x 28 inches), to the size of a 3-panel "stand-up" poster (the type used for science fairs).

4 As you design your poster, consider the following:

w  Main elements (title, key graphics) must be visible and readable from a distance of 10 feet. Use a big enough font!
w  The poster is a visual presentation, but must contain enough text to adequately explain and describe the images
w  Be creative to highlight important aspects: use color, etc. to make it interesting and to "draw in" the observer
w  Check out this website for suggestions about making effective poster displays.

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