CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT: Poster Draft                                                                                 J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Your Task: 
The task is to make a draft version of your final poster. 

Date Due:  April 22, 2010.

Background Information

By now you have collected lots of information about your study site, including taking a team field trip to the site.  It's time to start organizing that information to communicate it to others in an eye-catching manner that presents the most important parts of your research.

Assignment Requirements

The poster draft is a sketch that shows where you will place each of the required elements of your poster.  (See the poster presentation assignm
ent information when it is posted (soon).  The draft should be on plain unlined paper, 8.5"x11" or larger. 

On your draft, for each poster element, either include a draft of the element or sketch an outline showing its relative size, label it, and give a brief description. 

For example, you might draw a block of space covering 1/8 of the poster area, with the label: "Specific map of our area (includes parts of xxx and yyy topographic quadrangles)".  Note that this is just an example, and your poster's elements will be of an appropriate size to show the necessary details for your study area.

You do not need to turn in an "actual size" version.  However, if you use 8.5 x 11 paper, consider outlining the spaces for elements on one sheet, numbering them, and using an additional sheet of paper to give a "key" to more detailed descriptions of the numbered elements.  

Your poster draft does not have to be typed, but it should be neat, so we can read the information!
The report must be a team effort; all team members must participate in producing it and agree with what is written.

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