CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT OVERVIEW                                              J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Project Goal:
 Investigate the geology of a specific geologic feature and present your findings.

Overview of Project Requirements 
m  Work as a team.  All team members are responsible for the products.
m  Investigate your topic using library resources, web resources, maps, and field research.
m  Communicate your findings to the class via a poster presentation.

Project Deliverables
m  Homework: Several homework assignments will involve parts of the project.  See details below and on the assignments page.
m  Poster Presentation:  Produce a poster that follows the project requirements and that illustrates your findings.
m  Team Citizenship Evaluation:  At the end of the project, everyone will rate their own and their team members' participation.  Individual grades will reflect the team grade, weighted by the results of the Team Citizenship Evaluation.


Team Assignment #1.   This assignment has two parts, described below.

Due Tuesday, March 2, by class time: 

Bring in information about your study area! 
As we discussed in class, the first steps in this process include the following:

w Share contact information with your teammates, including e-mail addresses.
w Communicate with any members not present today (contact the instructors if you don't know who they are!)
w Each team member is responsible for finding out at least one piece of information related to the project title that your team chose.  Start with class resources (ISGS book/ maps/ etc.), and search online or in the library for information.  Share what you find with your teammates, and then come to class Tuesday prepared to find out more!

Due Thursday, March 4, by class time [Deadline extended to 5 pm!]:  An organizing e-mail, as described below: 

Send a single e-mail that follows this format: 

1)  In the "To" line, type both instructors' e-mails.

2)  In the "Cc" line, type all the team members' e-mails. 

3)  In the Subject line of the message, type "ESCI 109 Sec XX" [fill in your section number!], and your assigned study area. 

4)  In the Body of the message, list the following:
a. Team name:  Together, decide on a team name.  Make it fun!  Use this as a team-building opportunity!
b. Names and contact info:  List each team member's name and the best way to reach each one, with full contact information.
c. Maps:  List the names of the topographic quadrangles that cover your assigned study area.

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