CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT: Field Trip Report                                                                            J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Your Task: 
The task is to report on your team field trip. 

Date Due:  April 15, 2010.

Background Information

By now you have created a Field Trip Plan , you used it as a guide when you took your field trip, and together as a team you explored the geology of your assigned project area.  Before you part for the day, it would be a good idea to sketch out what will go into your field trip report.  Remember, this is a team effort, and every person must contribute to the document described below in very specific ways.  Read the instructions carefully!

Assignment Requirements

The report must be typed
The report must be two pages maximum.
The report must be either submitted in hard copy (to the instructors in person, or in our "mailboxes" on the door of Science Bldg Room 130), OR via email (as a Word file attachment).  If you e-mail it, send copies to all team members in the same message.
The report must be a team effort; all team members must participate in producing it and agree with what is written.
Include the following in your Field Trip Report:

At the top of page 1:  Include heading information: team name, ESCI 109, section number, name of study area, and team member names.

Report format:
  Write the report in outline form, responding to the categories of questions given below, using the titles and numbering shown below. 
I.    Geology of (insert your study area name here)
  A. Field Trip Stops:  List/describe each of the sites or points of interest you visited, including their location.
    1.  List/describe details about the first site or feature--that is, what you saw on your trip.

2.  List/describe details about the second site or feature.

3.  And so on, covering all the sites or features.
  B.   "What We Learned About Geology" (what the field experience showed you that you did not know before the field trip, or perhaps did not understand as well before seeing it)
    1.  List/describe specific aspects of the geology of your area, as seen on your field trip

2.  (Surely you learned more than one thing!)


Other Field Trip Lessons

  A.  "What Else We Learned about (insert study area name)"
    Here, describe non-geologic aspects you learned by visiting the study area, for example, fun facts; interesting places/things to visit/see; good places to eat/shop; what you liked best about the area; what was not as nice?
  B. "What We Learned About Teamwork" (through your field trip experience)
    As a team, reflect on how the experience was affected by your team dynamic, and/or how your team dynamic was affected by your experiences!
  C. "What We Learned about Each Other and Ourselves"  (You don't need to tell  personal stuff, but did you share great stories?  Who had the best stories to tell?  Did you share the same taste in music?  Did the experience challenge you?)
     1.  At this level, each team member should add at least one reflection.  List the member's name and then their comment. 

"Pat: I liked learning that..." 
"Chris: I liked learning that..."

2.  (Yes, each team member must have an entry!)

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