CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109
Fall 20

TEAM PROJECT: Field Trip Plan                                                                             J. Hemzacek and  L. Sanders

Your Task: 
The task is to plan your team field trip. 

Date Due:  March 18, 2010.

Background Information

You have already started exploring your study area, and by now you have an idea of major geologic and/or topographic features you want to check out.  Online topographic maps are available at the USGS Map Locator site.

Mandatory team field trip(s) are part of this project! 

For this assignment, compose a preliminary plan for your field trip.  The team will visit the study area as a group to collect information and take photos relevant to the project.  Evidence that the team as a group visited the study area will be required.  Also required will be photographic evidence that the team had fun on the trip!

While you are on your field trip, decide what will go into the Field Trip Report.  It must be a group effort! 

Assignment Requirements

Your Field Trip Plan must be typed.  
Include the following in your Field Trip Plan:

  A. Heading Team name
Class (ESCI 109, Section __)
Name of Study Area
Team member names (with correct spelling!)
  B. Date(s) and Time(s)  Either confirmed, or possible dates/times.  (Even if you don't have a confirmed date/time, please submit *something* at this point!)
  C. Sites  What sites will you visit, and why? (What geologic or topographic features make those sites important to visit?)
  D. Travel Logistics  Where will the team meet as a group? How will each team member get there? How will the team travel from one site to another within the study area?
  E. Supplies Necessary items include cameras (your photos will need to be printed, and be of good quality for your poster.  Therefore actual cameras are best, as many cell phone cameras are not up to the task!), extra batteries, maps, notebooks, pencils, snacks?, first aid supplies?, other?)

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