CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109, Section 02
Fall 2009

Daily Objectives #9 (September 29, 2009)                                                                                            Dr. Sanders

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

w Review:  List the two main weathering processes, and for each one, give several examples of that process.

w Review:  Identify signs of each of the two main weathering processes as they affect rocks (or other materials).

w Use a street map and a topographic map to measure distances. 

w Explain how to get to our field trip site on Thursday, and tell where and when you are supposed to meet.

w Examining the weathering photos and reports (below), tell which exemplify chemical weathering and physical weathering. 

Ye's Weathering report.doc


We have a test one week from today; how will you prepare?

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