CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109, Section 02
Fall 2009

Daily Objectives #10 (October 1, 2009)                                                                                            Dr. Sanders

Important announcements:

Today's class will meet at Bohemian National Cemetery!  Do not come to the classroom first; meet us at the cemetery at regular class time!

Directions to the cemetery from the Science Building at NEIU: 

  • Go south on Saint Louis Avenue to Foster Avenue. 
  • Turn right (west) on Foster. 
  • Go to Pulaski (about a half mile) and turn right (north). 
  • The cemetery is on your right.  Turn right (east) into the cemetery gates, and turn right again to get to the parking lot.   

w A study session is in the process of being scheduled for Monday to help prepare you for next Tuesday's exam.  Stay tuned for more information.

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

w Review:  Identify signs of weathering processes on rocks.

w Review:  Describe characteristics of rocks that suggest the rocks' origins. 

w After collecting data from cemetery markers, draw conclusions about the resistance of various types of rocks to weathering.   

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