CHICAGO ROCKS!  Geology in the City
ESCI 109, Section 03
Fall 2008

Daily Objectives #29 (December 4, 2008)                                                                                            Dr. Sanders

Your poster draft is due today!

By the end of today's class, you should be able to do the following:

Describe the subcontinental divide that stretches through Chicago,sketch a diagram illustrating the meaning of the term, and tell what you would have to do to go see it. 

Identify the "Zion beach-ridge plain", show where it occurs on a map of the Chicago area, tell what surficial sediments occur there, and explain why it is perched so high above Lake Michigan .

Tell the story of Chicago's geology. 

Provide meaningful feedback regarding the presentations, field trips, and other course activities.

w Evaluate the course.
Department of Earth Science | Northeastern Illinois University

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