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What Can an MA in Linguistics do for you?

The MA program in Linguistics focuses on investigating language from both theoretical and functional approaches.  Our dynamic curriculum combines core studies in the structure of language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) with current approaches in sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language contact, World Englishes, endangered languages, discourse analysis, and identity studies.

In addition to direct application to the teaching of linguistics, English and other languages, an MA in linguistics is a recognized asset for careers in curriculum development, publishing, product branding, speech pathology, natural language processing, translation, law, education, and other professions within social and behavioral sciences, especially those concerned with language policies and practices in multilingual settings. See what our alumni have to say!


Dr. John Boyle and his students John Clackson, Jacqueline Cunningham, Krista-Marie Geissler, Heather Roddy, Silvana Torres, George Wilmes presented papers at the 2009 Siouan and Caddoan Language Conference

Amber and Megan great adventure in Jyväskylä , Finland, June 2008.
“Our panel, Multilingualism and media: mediating identities in multicultural contexts, gave us an opportunity to present to and along with faculty and PhD students from all over the world. Ours was the only presentation by M.A students and many people thought we were presenting part of our dissertation! Overall, we got to meet some great linguists from all over the world (e.g. Eritrea, Japan, India, Belgium etc). The conference introduced us to the field at an international level and gave us an opportunity present our research to a larger audience. It was so gratifying to see how very much in sync our work was with the current cutting edge research in language-contact." --Amber Javed and Megan Wells