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Why Major in Linguistics (and what does a linguist do)?

The MA program in Linguistics focuses on investigating language from both theoretical and functional approaches.  Our dynamic curriculum combines core studies in the structure of language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) with current approaches in sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language contact, World Englishes, endangered languages, discourse analysis, and identity studies.

An MA in linguistics is a recognized asset for careers within social and behavioral sciences, especially those concerned with language policies and practices in multilingual settings as well as in the following professions:

• Audiology

• Market Research

• Academics as Professor/Teacher

• Natural Language Processing (AI)

• Bilingual Education 

• Politics

• Communication Disorders Specialist

• Product branding

• Curriculum Development

• Psycholinguist research

• Copywriting

• Public Relations

• Foreign Service

• Publishing

• Interpreting

• Social Work

• Journalism

• Speech Pathology and therapy

• Language teaching

• Technical Writer

• Law

• Translation

• Lexicography

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