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Paisly Di Bianca

She finished the MA in Linguistics in 2002 with a concentration in second language acquisition. She later taught LING 120: Language and Human Behavior for the department. She is currently enrolled in another MA program in NEIU's Geography & Environmental Studies department.

One of the topics she has explored in that program is how language manifests in place, i.e. the significance of the location of graffiti tags in gentrified areas of Chicago. She initially presented this research at the 2008 Illinois Geographical Society annual meeting and plans to present an updated version of it at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in 2010. She is also pursuing ways in which to map language and language use. In her spare time, she is studying Japanese as a third language.

Jill Ward

M.A. Linguistics  Northeastern Illinois University  2006
PhD Candidate, Linguistics, University of Illinois

Laila Hualpa

M.A., Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University  2005
PhD Candidate, Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL, UCLA

Marco Shappeck

.M.A., Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University  2003, Ph.D  Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michal Brody

MA Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University, PhD Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin. Author, What’s Language Got to Do With It? 2004 W.W. Norton

Ken Konopka
MA Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University,
PhD Candidate, Linguistics  Northwestern University

What’s Language Got to Do with It?
Paul Bick READS!

Paul Bick

PhD Candidate, Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago,M.A. Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University 

Elisa L. Everts

Visiting Instructor, Discourse Studies, Texas A & M University PhD Candidate, Georgetown University, Linguistics. M.A. Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University   1998

Elisa Everts

Charlotte Ullman

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education   University of Texas, El Paso Ph.D., University of Arizona   Language, Reading, and Culture  2004 M.A., Northeastern Illinois University   1993

Dr. Char Ullman

Phillip Chong Ho Shon

Assistant Professor of Criminology   Indiana State University
Ph.D., Criminal Justice   University of Illinois at Chicago   2003
M.A., Linguistics    Northeastern Illinois University   1996