Karen S. Bartels, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate Professor of Earth Science
On leave 2008-2009
Northeastern Illinois University 
 5500 North Saint Louis Avenue 
 Chicago, IL 60625 

 E-mail: K-Bartels@neiu.edu
 Phone: 773/442-6052 
 Fax: 773/442-5710

Photo of Dr. Bartels
Past semesters' courses:
ESCI 121: Introduction to Earth Science
ESCI 123: Geology, Resources and Environment
ESCI 211: Physical Geology
ESCI 306: Rocks and Minerals
ESCI 308: Geology of the National Parks
ESCI 309: Geochemistry
ESCI 311: Mineralogy
ESCI 319: Petrology
ESCI 325Z: Volcanism in the Ring of Fire
ESCI 408: Advanced Mineralogy
ESCI 409: Igneous Petrology
ESCI 425C: Isotope Geochemistry
ESCI 425E: Volcanology


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