Volcanoes on the planets! What kinds of eruptions occur on Earth?
Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii.  Photo by Karen S. Bartels The two major kinds of volcanoes on Earth are shield volcanoes like Haleakala  in Hawaii (left) and stratovolcanoes like Mt. Rainer in Washington (right).  The links below are to pages that explain the formation and characteristics of these and other types of volcanoes on Earth. USGS photo of Mt. Rainer from Tacoma, Washington
"Types of Volcanoes" from Volcano World site

How Volcanoes Work : The "links" section of this site has lots of interesting links!

"What Types of Volcanoes are There?" from  the Cascades Volcano Observatory


Suggested Activity:  Use the jigsaw technique with groups of three or four students to investigate the different types of volcanoes on earth.  After visiting the links above to learn what the different types of volcanoes are, students can choose (or be assigned) a particular type of volcano to investigate in detail.  The "experts" then meet to share their detailed knowledge, and then the base group convenes so that each expert can share what they've learned and to create a final report.  The criteria for the activity can be tailored to grade or course level.  This activity can serve as a starting point for investigating volcanoes on other planets.
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