The Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion (CI) methodology consists of three components:
  1. Assessment,
  2. Seamless Fit, and
  3. Evidence Based Prevention Strategies.

You can see these three components represented as overlapping circles on your web-based training site. Each of these three components consists of several sub-parts or modules. The information that is contained within the modules comprises your training in the Real Life Issues method. You can download any of this information.

The training has been designed to be interactive. Therefore, you will find specially designed trigger questions at the end of each module. You might want to begin by downloading the entire set of trigger questions from the Resources section, saving the questions to your hard drive, and then typing in and saving your answers to trigger questions as you complete each section.

Your answers to the trigger questions comprise your faculty write up indicating how you will incorporate Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion into one of your courses. When you have completed answers to all of the trigger questions you may e-mail your responses to us for consideration as a model faculty write up to be published on our website. There is a module devoted to resources that you may want to refer to as you answer the trigger questions.

The training includes interviews with teachers, faculty and students who have experience with the Real Life Issues approach. It also contains depictions of courses and classes in which the method is being used. We know you will find these examples and depictions helpful as you learn more about this important method of connecting with and on behalf of K through 12 students.

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