This website presents a Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion strategy that enables future teachers to incorporate pressing life concerns of students seamlessly into classes across the curriculum. The life issues curriculum is always consistent with class learning objectives and state standards. It engages students as active learners and connects teachers more closely to students and communities. Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion enables teachers to serve as leaders who foster student resilience and prevention of at risk behavior. It can also be a very effective way to incorporate knowledge of student diversity and issues of social justice into the k-12 curriculum.

The website works by preparing college of education faculty to incorporate real life issues Curriculum Infusion training into their education courses.

  • Future k-12 teachers learn to integrate real life issues into lessons and lesson plans across the curriculum
  • Counseling candidates learn to employ the strategy in school wide prevention programming
  • Candidates in Administration learn to build Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion programs in their schools

Supported by a grant from the U. S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement for Post-Secondary Education, the curriculum infusion METHOD outlined in this website was successfully piloted in Colleges of Education in Chicago. Evaluation results demonstrated the effectiveness of the Real Life Issues approach.
  • Faculty effectively incorporated Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion training into courses across education disciplines.
  • Education Candidates:
    • Saw the value of the strategy
    • Produced quality work, and,
    • Expressed confidence that they could incorporate Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion into their classes and other work as educators.
This module has provided an introduction to Real Life Issues Curriculum Infusion strategy, emphasizing its value in the educational process. The next module introduces the training provided through this website.

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