France 2002 - Arles & Pont du Gard

Arles is nestled in the Rhone Valley, famous since Roman times.  Known for it's well-preserved Arena, it blends both Roman ruins and the likes of Gauguin and Van Gogh ... Pont du Gard, northwest of Arles, was a Roman bridge and aqueduct, built to supply Nīmes with water from a distant spring near Uzčs, over 30 miles away. It spans the gorges of the Gardon, which in the fall often floods.

The Roman arena in Arles

Built during the 1st and 2nd centuries

Inside the galleries

Well worn stairs up to the top

View from the top. The arena could hold 20-30,000 spectators

Many of the arches remain

Our portrait, with help from a German tourist

View of the Rhone, from the top of the Arena

The colours of Provence, throughout Arles

And of course, old windows. Note the small inset statue in the corner of the building.

Then on to Pont du Gard

A Roman aqueduct, build to supply Nīmes with water

The bridge leaves a shadow on the river below

Another view

View from Pont du Gard, down the Gard valley

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© J Hoeppel, 2002